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Driven by disruptive technology to create a positive impact, we support entrepreneurs to commercialise their ideas and unleash their ambitions. We invest more than just money and draw upon our decades of experience to help companies innovate and scale.

What we do

Foresight Venture Capital is an early-stage global tech investor. We invest £500,000 to £10 million into the most disruptive companies led by the most exciting entrepreneurs from Seed through to Series A across deep tech, enterprise software and innovative technologies.


Tech investing since 1984

For nearly four decades, we have been helping companies commercialise their technology, scale internationally and fulfil their potential. With offices in London, Ireland, USA, UAE and Israel, as well as key strategic partnerships, we're well placed to provide the experience and expertise needed to take your ideas further.

Our areas of expertise


Deep Tech

We're building companies commercialising scientific breakthroughs and significant engineering innovations.


Hard Tech

We back entrepreneurs developing game-changing hardware technology and industrial software.

Enterprise Software

We're helping entrepreneurs with exciting SaaS applications to develop and grow to become world leading.



Meet the team

We invest more than just capital. With our flexible approach and wealth of diverse experience, we’ll work with you to help you achieve your ambitions. Our team can provide you with knowledge, strategic insight and opportunities based off their own real-world experiences and connections.

Proud to be part of Foresight Group

We’re one of the longest-running venture capital investors in the UK and, since we began, we’ve supported hundreds of growth companies through a number of economic cycles. We also fundraise yearly and provide patient capital – meaning you won’t be rushed to exit. This is extremely beneficial while in volatile economic times.


You can always speak to one of our team about any questions you might have. But here are some answers to our most-asked questions.

In the first instance, just send us your pitch deck and a cover note for our team to review, you can do this via

We love enterprise software, deep tech, and net zero technology with a core focus on hydrogen. We have a global remit, just as long as your business has a UK presence.

If we like your idea, you should hear back from us within 21 days of submitting your pitch. After our first chat, we aim to make our final decision within eight weeks. Note that the steps below can differ slightly at the later investment stages.

1. Firstly, send us your pitch deck with a covering note, you can do this via If we think we’re a fit for your business, we’ll set up an introductory call. This first chat (around 30 minutes) includes a general introduction to your team, the problem you’re tackling and the solution you’re proposing.

2. We will spend some time validating your business model and then get you in to present to the wider Ventures Team, this meeting is about 45 – 60mins and we will spend time understanding your go to market strategy.

3. The next meeting is with our Investment Committee, this meeting will be 60mins, and you present your business, explaining in detail the problem you are tackling and the solution you are providing. This is interactive and the Investment Committee will ask lots of questions ranging from market fit, through to financials and go to market.

4. Due diligence has been ongoing for us, but we’ll carry out our internal co-investor and partner due diligence. This might involve speaking to one of your early proof of concept (POC) partners/ customers, to give us a third-party view on your startup’s value proposition. We’ll also go through our know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering processes with you.

5. If we decide we’re the right fit for you, we’ll finalise terms and present our offer. We’ll review and sign legal documents on each side, then wire funds, ready to hit your bank account within ten working days.

6. Onboarding – welcome to the Foresight Ventures! We will invite you in for a 45min session to go over the resources and support available to you. We will also look at a 100-day plan that gets you focused on the short-term goals.

A funding round refers to a specific stage in the process of raising capital (funds) for a business or start-up.

During a funding round, a company aims to secure additional capital to fuel its growth, expand operations, develop new products or services, or achieve other strategic objectives.

Funding rounds are often categorised into different stages or rounds based on the company's growth and funding needs. The most common types of funding rounds include:

1. Seed round: The initial funding obtained by a start-up or early-stage company. Seed funding is typically used to develop a business idea, conduct market research, and build a minimum viable product (MVP).

2. Series A, B, C and beyond: These funding rounds occur as the company progresses and seeks additional capital to support its growth and expansion. Each subsequent round represents a new stage of funding, with the letter indicating the order in which the rounds occurred. For example, Series A is the first significant round of funding after the seed round, followed by Series B, Series C, and so on.

3. Pre-IPO round: Some companies opt for an additional funding round just before going public through an initial public offering (IPO). This round helps the company strengthen its financial position and prepare for the transition to a publicly traded entity.

Multiple investors often participate in an investment round for several reasons:

1. Diversification: Investors prefer to diversify their investment portfolio by spreading their capital across multiple companies. Investing in a single company carries higher risks, so by participating in a funding round with other investors, they can reduce their exposure to any individual company's performance.

2. Risk mitigation: Investing in a start-up or early-stage company is inherently risky. By having multiple investors, the risk is shared among them. If one investor bears a loss, the others may still have a chance to recover their investment if the company succeeds.

3. Resource pooling: By pooling resources, multiple investors can collectively provide a larger amount of capital than a single investor. This allows the company to access a greater pool of funds to fuel its growth and development.

4. Expertise and networks: Multiple investors bring diverse expertise, industry knowledge, and networks to the table. Each investor may have different backgrounds, experiences, and connections that can benefit the company in various ways, such as providing guidance, introductions to potential customers or partners, or strategic advice.

5. Due diligence: Each investor conducts their own due diligence before making an investment. By having multiple investors, the company can benefit from the insights and perspectives of multiple parties, which can lead to a more comprehensive evaluation of the business and its potential.

6. Shared decision making: With multiple investors, decision-making becomes a collective effort. This can bring different perspectives to the table, ensuring that decisions are made with broader input and potentially reducing the influence of any single investor.

Overall, having multiple investors in an investment round provides benefits such as risk mitigation, access to a larger pool of capital, expertise and networks, and shared decision-making, ultimately supporting the growth and success of the company.

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