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Navigating the Green Hydrogen Horizon: A Call for Collaborative Responsibility

Contributing to COP28 conversations on the global energy transition, Foresight Infrastructure Partner Chris Holmes, took part in the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW) 'Building Trust to Accelerate the Development of the Clean Hydrogen Economy Roundtable'. Bringing together a diverse coalition of partners from the private sector, finance, civil society, and host governments, the roundtable explored the building blocks to fostering a social compact for green hydrogen. Focusing on industry, citizens, and governments of emerging and developing countries (EMDEs), the discussion will be used to formulate a report by EY on recommended next steps. In the below round-up, Chris shares his key takeaways from the session.


Session Blog: Chris Holmes 


At this early stage of the global green hydrogen industry and as I reflect on the themes of the discussion, it is evident that responsible and transformative collaboration, will be paramount to the successful delivery of a just energy transition. 

Building Trust Across Boundaries: The foundation of success in the green hydrogen sector rests on trust, a commodity that must be nurtured across various stakeholder groups. Responsibility, it was emphasised, is a shared endeavour, with both public and private sectors playing pivotal roles. Establishing a robust framework for trust is not just a goal but a prerequisite for sustainable growth.

Nurturing Understanding in the Community: In the nascent stages of the green hydrogen sector, education emerges as a linchpin. It's not only about enlightening the communities directly impacted by these projects, but also about reaching out to the broader public. Awareness is key and just as people understand the benefits of renewable energy from wind farms and solar parks, they must grasp the implications and advantages of green hydrogen as an exciting new energy source.

Early Engagement for Lasting Impact: Engaging with stakeholders at the inception of a project lays the groundwork for trust and credibility. This early involvement is not merely a formality but a strategic move to garner broad support for the manifold benefits that green hydrogen brings to the table.

Economic Benefits and Job Creation: The narrative around green hydrogen must transcend its environmental aspects. It is important to showcase the economic benefits, the jobs it will create, and the new skills it will demand. In essence, the sector represents a reinvention of an industry.

The Role of Public-Facing Stakeholders: Recognising the influential role of public-facing stakeholders, particularly well-known offtakers, is critical. These entities should take centre stage in making the case for green hydrogen. By actively demonstrating and supporting its end-use cases, they become powerful advocates, helping to bridge the gap between industry initiatives and public understanding.

Balancing Local Impact and Global Ambitions: As we delve into projects that involve the export of hydrogen, it's key we maintain sensitivity. While these accomplishments contribute to the global green hydrogen landscape, we must be aware of potential disparities. The benefits of local infrastructure may not be fully realised in the immediate vicinity of these projects, necessitating a balanced approach that considers the broader community impact.

In conclusion, the journey into the green hydrogen frontier demands a collective commitment to transparency. As we support its development, we must continue to showcase the multifaceted advantages of this energy source. In doing so, we not only propel the green hydrogen industry forward but also contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future.


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For more information on Foresight's expertise contact: 

Chris Holmes | Partner, Infrastructure 

Email: cholmes@foresightgroup.eu


Roundtable participants: 

• Hamead Ahrary, Director, Managing Director Hydrogen, VERBUND
• Faye Al Hersh, Head, Business Development (UAE), Masdar
• Marco Alverà, Chief Executive Officer, TES Hydrogen for Life
• Hanan Balalaa, Senior Vice President, ADNOC
• Nicole Barstow, Associate Director, EY
• Lavinia Bauerochse, Managing Director, Head of ESG Corporate Bank, Deutsche Bank AG
• Emanuele Bianco, Programme Officer, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
• Dorine Bosma, CIO, Port of Amsterdam
• Abu Bakar Chowdhury, Chief Financial Officer, ASMA Capital Partners
• Marco Duso, EMEIA Sustainability Lead, EY
• Alicia Eastman, President, InterContinental Energy
• Nadja Haakansson, Senior Vice President, Africa Siemens Energy
• Brian Higgins, VP of Innovation, Babcock & Wilcox
• Julie Hood, CEO, Strategy and Transaction,EY
• Tarek Hosny, Director of investment and Projects, Fertiglobe
• Mobin Khan, MENA Energy Leader, EY
• Jonas Moberg, CEO, Green Hydrogen Organisation
• Olga Noskova, Head of Market Development for Power-to-X, Topsoe
• Eunji Park, Associate Expert, Climate and Technology Partnerships Division, UNIDO
• Valerie Peyre, Director, Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week
• Thomas Philbeck, Managing Director, Swift Partners
• Abhishek Poddar, Managing Director & India Country Head, Macquarie Group
• Mat Record, Associate Partner, EY
• Jasper Reimers, Senior Account Manager, MENA Oxford Economics
• Petra Schwager, Chief, Climate and Technology Partnerships Division, UNIDO
• Hassan Shafi, MENA Sustainability Lead, EY
• Stephanie Sines, Senior Operations Officer, IFC
• Rajeev Singh, Partner, MENA, Energy Sector, EY
• Matthew Winning, Head of Climate Economics, Oxford Economics
• Frank Wouters, Senior Vice President, Reliance Industries Limited


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