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Empowering Ambitious SMEs: the key to unlocking regional growth

At Foresight, we’re driven by helping all economies across the UK thrive.

To date, our 17 investments across the North West have: **Returned 1.8x at fund level** This has been achieved from the first three exits, with 14 portfolio companies remaining. **900+ new jobs created** To date, the fund has created more than 900 high-quality, sustainable jobs. **Funded £6m in research** Spent £6m on research and development in the past two years. **95% revenue growth** As at 30 June 2021, the fund has achieved revenue growth of over 95%. Key to levelling the playing field across the UK’s economy and recovering from the aftermath of COVID-19, will be empowering SMEs and supporting them with their growth ambitions. This way, the full potential of all regions across the UK will be realised. Our short report showcases some of the fantastic work of our FRIF portfolio. **To find out more about our investments in the North West, download our report below.**

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